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Wildwoods' Beaches

Head Out To The Beach

Wildwoods Crest beach, Wildwood beach, North Wildwood beach and Cape May Beach are the go-to places to find relaxation in the sunshine. The clean beaches in the Wildwoods stretch for over 5 miles along the Atlantic coast, and this is a fantastic place to kick back for a day or more.


People from all over the world come to Wildwoods' famous public beaches to toss frisbees, catch up on their reading, work on their tans, and boogie board the Atlantic.  You can bring beach chairs and umbrellas with you so you can stretch out, or throw a towel down over the soft sand. Remember to have extra sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses with you when spending a day out in the sun.

There are entertaining events that take place on Wildwood beaches throughout the entire year. Depending on when you plan your vacation, you can witness world-class expert sculptors create works of art from the sand on the beach during the sand sculpture festival, take part in the international kite flying festival, catch a monster truck race, or even watch a soccer championship. Free concerts also happen on the beach frequently throughout the summer.

Wildwood's beaches are clean and well-kept for the public's enjoyment. Feel free to splash around in the water or dig your toes into the sand! It's no wonder these beaches are known as some of the very best in the entire country!

There's so much to explore, see, hear, taste, smell, and do in Wildwood, North Wildwood, and Wildwood Crest for the whole family that it's become one of the premier destinations for families from around the world to vacation. It's the perfect place to have a blast with your loved ones and create memories that will having you smiling for a lifetime.

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